After a brief introduction of the book (THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS) that I did in the narration a day before let’s move on to the book’s chapter 1 The Law of Pure Potentiality. Deepak here is talking to us about the ‘Pure consciousness’ that he calls ‘Pure potentiality’ of a being. He says this state of Pure consciousness is a package of all possibilities and infinite creativity.

He is explaining further his thoughts saying that one can know pure potentiality by knowing their own self or he is calling it “Self-Referral”. By knowing self we will be knowing our spirit. He is also explaining the opposite of Self-Referral that is Object-Referral in which we are all influenced by objects outside our own self like we are bound to situations, circumstances, people or things.

He is also talking about the human desire of constantly seeking approval from the outside world. I felt his thought here to be so true, we are actually, Alas! and because we are always doing things based on anticipation of a response we are therefore fear-based. Deepak says that our constant desire for approval, need to control things our way, need of some external authority are all based on our fear of acceptance in the world. Here he also brings in the limelight the most talked of the human side, the ‘Ego side’. He is saying that the power based on ego will last as long as the medium to that power stays. He has also given a very fit example here if you are the president of the country your power stays as long as the title.

He suggests to obtain Self-Power instead of Ego-Based power and this power will last as long as you live.

Not only is the author talking about the Pure Potentiality of the mortal being but has also suggested how to attain it. To understand them I will go stepwise so that you get them better.

  1.  DAILY PRACTICE OF SILENCE: He is saying to take a certain amount of time in a day and try to simply Be. Withdrawing oneself from the ‘act of speech’ will not be easy, initially, the mind will fight you to give up but once you overcome the mind it gives up on you and realizes that there is no point in going around and around because the self, the choice-maker has decided, period.
  2. MEDITATION: Author is saying that the ideal time each day a person should meditate is 30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the evening. Through meditation, we will experience ‘Pure Awareness’. He is asking the reader to imagine the ripples a little stone makes in a still pond and after a while when the ripple settles; you throw another stone. He is calling that to be a state of pure silence that we can attain through meditation.
  3.  PRACTICE NON-JUDGEMENT: Deepak is saying to be away for a while from the constant evaluation of things and try to practice it every day by setting targets for ourselves like constantly reminding ourselves, ” I will not judge anybody for an hour now.” He is telling that non-judgment creates silence in mind. And when I read these lines I felt, YA! this is sooooo very true.
  4. SPEND TIME IN NATURE: He is saying that a person’s communion with nature makes him see the harmonious interaction of all the forms and forces of life. It will make us see the unity in nature. Nature will teach us to be infinitely creative and will arouse bliss inside our hearts.

He is telling that once we achieve the stillness inside us the worldly chaos can never distract us ever.

I end up reading the chapter to you by a very beautiful line that I have taken up for life from this excerpt of the book –

“The ego, however, is not who you really are. The ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you’re playing.”

…..to be continued (chapter 2 The Law of Giving)



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