After discovering THE LAW OF PURE POTENTIALITY in our previous narration, the book now takes us to chapter 2 The Law of Giving which Deepak is saying can also be called the law of Giving and Receiving. He is explaining the law by telling how the universe simply operates. For him the universe is dynamic that is constantly involved in the process of exchange, nothing in the universe is static. He is also telling that our energy is nothing but cosmic energy which is interacting with the cosmos, and this interaction is the driving force behind the law of giving.

He is asking us to not stop this flow of energy. Why? Because he is calling it similar to the flow of blood. If blood flow stops, it clots and coagulates similarly if energy flow stops the wealth and affluence stops circulating in our life. He is talking about not the material wealth and affluence but the other joys in life like love, care, respect; for he describes the word affluence by its root word “affluere”, which means “to flow to”.

Even when he is talking of material wealth like money, he is saying that it should not be hoarded since it is also life energy, & in order to keep it coming to us we must keep on circulating it. Like a river, money must keep flowing. He is explaining further that every relationship is to give and take for giving breeds receiving and vice-versa.

It is the epitome of the saying, what goes around comes around or what goes out must come back. He is even correlating giving and receiving and calling it same for if either of it stops, the flow stops. He is giving an instance to further explain his point that if we hoard the seeds which are the promises of thousands of forests, we will never pass on its intelligence to the fertile ground. Of course, never I agree. It is this unseen energy flow of the seed that passes on to the ground and builds up vast forests, which are nothing but material manifestations. The analogy Deepak has to bring in here is very apt for explaining the unforeseen power of give-take for according to him give and take does not necessarily mean mercenary.

While exploring the law of giving chapter the point that calls attention is the part where he is explaining that intention behind giving and receiving is the most important thing. If through your act of giving you feel that you have lost something of yours then it’s not true giving, and will not involve any energy circulation.

Deepak has been talking about this gesture of giving-taking in very simple ways in some parts of the chapter, where he says that if you want joy; give joy to others, if you want love; give love to others, if you want attention and appreciation; first give it to others. Or the easiest way to say, in order to get what you want, help others get what they want.

For now, the chapter has explained to us what the law of giving is, I am moved by reading a very deep meaning line where the author has been telling that even the thought of giving, the thought of blessing, or just simple prayers have the power to affect others. So giving in a true sense doesn’t mean to give in physical form but giving can be bodiless also.

The author has even been telling in the chapter how to operate this law of giving in our lives-  we just have to make a decision-

  1. Wherever we go, whoever we meet, we will bring them a gift which can be a compliment, a flower, a prayer for their joy, wealth and health. We have to always initiate the circulation of energy around us.
  2. Also, the author is saying to not just warm-heartedly give but also to receive what others have for us and what nature presents to us; be it the morning sunshine, the birds singing, a spring shower or the first snow of winter. He is asking us to receive all gift from others, it can be a material gift, money, a compliment or a prayer.

As he said earlier in the law of pure potentiality that we lack nothing when we have self-power and infinite possibilities so, I would put my fingers off the keyboard by saying some words of the chapter that I have thought to imbibe in my life and they are:

Each time I meet someone I will silently wish them happiness, joy and laughter.


…..to be continued (chapter 3 The Law of “Karma”..)



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