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Latest Edition: By Sphere in 2017

Pages: 201

ISBN: 978-0-7515-2737-7

Source: Self-purchased

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Tuesdays with Morrie is a non-fiction and a philosophical book which is about the last days’ conversation between a man who is the author himself with his teacher Morrie Schwartz whom he admires in his college days and develops a close friendship with, even the teacher Morrie also loves him and listens to him like his own child. But Mitch in the race of life and accomplishments leaves his teacher far behind. All of a sudden one day he rediscovers him through a TV interview when he hears Ted, the interviewer say ” Who is Morrie Schwartz?”.He was covering Morrie in the last days of his life because, as Morrie said: “Now that I am dying, I have become interesting to the people”. After sixteen years of losing contacts with everyone from the college days, this encounter of Mitch with his old and dying professor turns out into a journey of life lessons forever.

91uQE9Tz2ALBut how does Morrie takes his death is what you will explore inside the book. What it feels like, knowing that you can die any day. What it is to be dependent on others even to feed yourself and how much embarrassment it takes when you can not clean your own self.  When Mitch or ‘The player’ as Morrie calls him, has a list of world’s biggest problems to take a lesson on from his coach, Morrie that turns out to be the last thesis together and finally what we get is the book, called Tuesdays with Morrie.

I am touched at the very start of the book when the author says that he doesn’t want to forget his teacher or maybe he doesn’t want himself to be forgotten. These lines make me curious and now I feel like reading about such a teacher who could impact his student in a way that he desires to be in touch for the lifetime.

As the narration by the author goes on you will discover the fatal disease that Morrie has been grappled with and how slowly and steadily he would die but being a man of spirit and not the body, he makes a decision to not wither up and disappear but to make the best of his time left. He makes his path his “final project” so that others could learn from his slow demise, on how they can live their lives better. He decides to become a ‘human textbook’ as the author says.

When Mitch reunites with his dying professor the leftover Tuesdays become classes of life lessons which he records on a tape-recorder. He struggles through his emotions seeing his favorite professor dying slowly also this makes him wonder about some of life’s most puzzling questions on the most struggled aspects like love, marriage, having children or not having any, family, regrets, fear of aging, forgiveness and of course the least talked and the most feared of, Death.

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Morrie’s closeness to death and his tryst with it every single day will let you think about your life altogether and you would surely start finding meaning in it or would love to live it to the fullest. Reading this book will unravel a number of questions that keeps bothering everyone of us and you might leave all those emotions behind that have held you so long from showing affection, love & care to your loved ones and have held you from crying in front of others or have halt you from not talking about death as it can be contagious, as Morrie tells what people think of it.

Morrie may be no more today but when you will read him through this book you will feel for yourself that he is not talking to Mitch but to you. He will bring your emotions on the front like he does with every other person in the book. And just like me and many other, Morrie will surely make you shed some tears.

My praise for the book might not end in words because after reading Morrie I am in love with his thoughts and philosophies but to cut it short about the book of a ‘dying man talking to a living man’, in Morrie’s own words I would say

 Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.”



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What do you feel about the book? Have you ever had any such teacher in your life? Do share your experiences, I would love to listen. Thank you!


NOTE: The book review is totally based on my personal interpretation of the book. No biases involved.


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