As they say:

No matter how old you are. Never kill that child inside you.”

I plucked this book for the same reason because I knew somewhere deep in my heart, the child inside me is still lost in the fairy tales of childhood and wish them to become true someday. I still remember those days when I used to read fairy tales before bed and be lost in the thoughts of being one someday but then I came to know “this isn’t going to happen any day” and that made me kind of sad BUT BUT! I have never left reading them and I know that nobody can stop me from daydreaming about being a fairy one day🤭🤭

So here I am! with one of the Fairy tales, I read recently after such a long time and truly this has made me nostalgic about How I used to spend my entire day, dreaming while awake, about the air castles, about flying over the clouds and making a kingdom there, about having fun in the jungles, about having a home full of ice-creams and chocolates and much more.

So let’s dive into another fairy tale written by someone from the real world👨‍👧

Title: Primrose’s Curse: A fairy tale of an Audacious Girl

Author: Kiara Shankar & Vinay Shankar

Genre: Children’s Book

Publication: VIKI Publishing

Length: 146 Pages

Source: VIKI Publishing



Primrose Fernetise, a beautiful audacious twelve-year-old girl, and a group of woodland animals with divine mystical abilities set out on an adventurous mission to Hellevue, a murky island on the dreary part of Mystopical. Their daring mission involves vanquishing the evil sorceress Queen Evelyn Velecrona and breaking the curse she has cast on humanity.

How do the woodland animals and Primrose plan and embark on their brave voyage to defeat the wicked sorceress?Will the bunch of lovable woodland animals and an innocent twelve-year-old girl really succeed in bringing down the dreadful Queen Evelyn?

Also, will they be able to bring back peace, well-being and happiness to humanity?
To find out more about this epic fairy tale, please do consider reading this entire book.


The tale starts with a telling of Primrose and her family conditions. She has been going through some hard days of her life and hasn’t recovered yet from the loss of her mother that her father falls prey to the grave illness and then she decides to set out on a mission to revive her fathers’ health. When she is out in the deep woodlands searching for nectar from the divine flower for her father, she encounters some freaky, unusual talking animals who tells her that humanity is in danger and she is the one destined to save the world.

Then starts the journey through the ups and downs, happy and bad times. In the middle of their way, they meet some helpful creatures of the woodlands and they are called Munchkins. Munchkins are like funny looking, dwarf people who are always dressed up in fairy-tale costumes. And they were my favourite character in the entire story. I even loved Hedwig who was a wise old owl. The journey for all of them was challenging and what makes it more intriguing is, “How in the end, even after all the demanding situations, Primrose is able to defeat Evelyn Velecrona, the evil witch of the Hellevue Island”.

The Fairy tale has been unique, as I haven’t read something relatable to this before and the Characters of the tale were very fascinating. I loved the names that the Father-daughter duo chose for the characters (YES! the writers are father-daughter😍) and I also loved the narration of the story. It is hard for me to believe that a 10-yr old can write so beautifully but of course, she can, the books is a piece of evidence😁

primrose curse.jpg











I also liked the usage of words in the book, because it will really help the kids learn some new words and will surely improve their vocabulary. This book needs to be read by every kid I guess because it is not just an interesting read but also I am inspired by the Kid writer and would want other children to be motivated too.

I would recommend this Book to your child because:

🌸 It is a great Fairy tale

🌸 Easy to read and grasp

🌸 Great Vocabulary

🌸 Entertaining characters

🌸 Will remind you of your childhood days

🌸 You will love the vivid imagination of the 10-year old writer

🌸 You kid will love it❤

I will end my take on the book by some beautiful lines that I love about fairy tales:

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.





KIARA SHANKAR is a young talented author from San Francisco, California, USA. Apart from writing books, she loves reading, artwork, writing poems, playing with her friends, and listening to her favorite Bollywood music.

Kiara’s poem “A Deadly Star” was published in the national level writing contest book “A Celebration of Poets” (Fall 2018 Edition – published by Creative Communication, Utah, USA).

Vinay Shankar is Kiara’s dad, a software professional, who found hinself inspired by his daughter’s idea of writing fictional fairy tale books and decided to co-write books with her. This collaborative effort of the family is helping to bring great ideas to life!

Connect with the Authors: www.vikipublishing.com




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Which is your favourite fairy tale, Tinkerbell or Rapunzel? Or do you have some other as your favourite fairy? What do you think about this one? Do share your thoughts with me. I would love to read them! signature

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