Which are the top 5 must-read Books by Paulo Coelho?


I still remember the day when I saw a girl in my college carrying a book in her hand and of course, that attracted me because books have a magnetic effect that I am unable to resist. Luckily, the girl was my friend’s friend and she approached us to talk and YaaY! I could now ask her which books she had in her hand and guess what? It was…


That was the day when I encountered the book by the Famous Philosophical and Mystical Fiction writer Paulo Coelho. And I never turned away from his books since then.

So here in this post, where I will be sharing Top 5 books (The Question was frequently asked to me on Quora) by him which I have read for myself and they helped me in broadening my perspective by taking me on a journey where I could question my inner self. These books and the beautiful lines inside made me wonder about everything the author tried to convey to the reader. I can bet that you will never regret reading these books that I will be sharing with you today.

So, here comes the first one that I picked up:


This book was a totally different reading experience for me because I didn’t read any philosophical book before this one. So it widened my thinking horizon and made me inquire about my dreams in life and what I wanted to achieve passionately. The book is all about what you want to get in life and to what extent you can go for it. It talks about how the entire universe conspires when you decide to get what you want. The story revolves around a boy named Santiago, who is a Shepherd and is in search of a forgotten treasure. The journey he takes will help you learn deep things about life.



This is the book which is very close to my heart. It made me learn the true meaning of a Soulmate. Although the book was fiction and consisted of mystics, things about witchcraft, talking about the gifts that human beings possess and how one can detect whether they are gifted or not, but it told me What a soulmate is? and How to find one for? So, this is the reason it is close to my heart.Β  The journey of the Irish Girl to seek mysteries in life and to find a soul that matches hers will make you understand conceptually what a soulmate is. I really loved the idea that the author presented in the book about Who is a soulmate? and How soulmates are formed? I found it to be true somewhere and I still subscribe to this theory from the book.


This book was my 3rd read by Paulo Coelho because How can I stop reading his ideas and philosophies about life and its different aspects. I found this book to be really impactful on some of the very important facets of our life. It talks about Obsession with things we have in our life. It talks about the vague rules that we have made in life. The story is about, the narrator and his wife, who is a war correspondent and has disappeared suddenly without any message leaving behind thousands of questions in the mind of the narrator and in order to search those answers the narrator rediscovers himself. Some of the lines in the book were really good. The story can be a bit eccentric for some but the philosophy inside can click you somewhere or the other.



This was my next book and I found the story of the book to be entertaining because it was around one of the most important questions I myself seek answers to sometimes, which is, Are human beings, in essence, good or evil? This book revolves around the same question that the protagonist of the story is searching for in the village of Viscos when he arrives there with eleven golden bars that he wishes to offer to the villagers. All they have to do is murder one of their own. How the villagers choose will answer his anxiety about the inherent nature of human beings. I found the book to be not so great as compared to the other books I have read of the author but it was just another story for me on morality, so I picked it up.




This book by Paulo Coelho is more of a story about lovers who got separated eleven years ago and what happens when they reunite? This book will have a deep impact on you as it moved me as well. If you are in search of love or have lost one, this is the book you need to pick for yourself because it will enlighten you in a different way. This book will strike a cord in your heart and will teach you as it says in one of its lines

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.”


So, these were some of my reads by Paulo Coelho that I wished to share with you and Hopefully you choose one for yourself as a next read.

Happy Reading!




How did you like the post? Do Share your thoughts with me about the book you loved the most and wishes to choose as your next read.signature

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