Title: A Love Story by Destiny

Author: Deesha Sangani

Genre: Fiction

Publication: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Length: 192 Pages (Paperback)

Source: Review Copy by Author


Avanni Singh is amazed when she meets Kiran Kapoor , her lover’snamesake. what is more astonishing is that his beloved shares her name. It seems like some prank by fate, but little do they know it was going to become an adventure they would never forget!

When Kiran loses one of his senses, and Avanni fails in her desperate attempts to help him recover, she gives up on life, tired of fighting the challenges. and then she happens to fall in love again, with another man bearing the same name. Sounds unbelievable, right ? 

Swimming in the pool of guilt, Avanni finds out that her partner – for whom she had been fighting a battle with life – was actually cheating on her!

Can two couples with same names be connected in some way? 

Can love happen when you least expect it to, and create A Love Story By Destiny ?


The book starts with an introduction about Avanni, the protagonist and how she meets KK, Kiran Kapoor. They both fall in love at first sight and are madly into each other. But life takes its toll and they are separated by circumstances BUT! this does not end here. Twist in the story will shock you. It will engage you in the book so deeply that this book will become a page-turner. Four people with the same name but different destinations when crossing each others path, what happens is a total mess. Avanni is devastated but she has another Kiran Kapoor to hold her. The moment you start feeling that the book has approached its Happy-Ending, you will again be caught in a complete shock when you get to know the real culprit that’s the bad hat in everybody’s lives.


Also, even the end will leave you with a question to discover in the sequel of the book that I am eagerly waiting for now.

❣ I truly loved the story because it was absorbing and spine-tingling in spite of being a love story.

❣ The simple writing style will help you read it easily if you’re a new reader.

❣The story is very well linked up. Each chapter is connected to the previous one.

❣It’s full of romance, love, thrill, twist and turns and climax is equally shocking.
You will enjoy the story as it’s not some unornamented romantic novel.

I will sum up my review with some beautiful lines from the book

Life is a journey of coincidences and miracles. Things chnage without prior notice. Changes are constant, and so are miracles in life.”

preview (1).jpeg







Deesha Sangani is a Bangalore-based author, motivational speaker and certified personal empowerment coach. A highly influential blogger, an inspiration for many who want to live their dreams whilst following a corporate career, she loves to work towards making the world a happier and more content place.








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