Title: Stolen Innocence

Author: Angie Boyd

Genre: Non-Fiction/Memoir/Autobiography

Publication: Angie B. LLC

Length: 191 pages

Source: Copy by Authoress


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Stolen Innocence shares the story of a young girl trying to find her way through life and love after facing many traumas, surrounded by generational curses normalized. This is book 1 of a 3 part book series.

Excerpt: If you have children, male or female children, love on them. Let them know you support them. Let them know you love them through action and affection. Nurture them. Let them know you care enough to punish them in their growing days but still love them through ALL their faults. Do not leave them to learn the lessons of life on their own. Do not leave them to be schooled by the streets, or by people who have no intention of protecting them. Protect your children; you only get one chance to love them into becoming healthy young adults. The experiences I had encountered up until this point led me to believe that love was naturally disappointing. It was an often used, but abused emotion I would feel for the rest of my life. I normalized the pain in love. It led me to believe that even if I were to find something new, opposite of the love that I was experiencing in that moment of my life, it would be the same. It would be the same flawed love and emotion. Why look for something else when I have a flawed love in front of me? I felt that was all I deserved. I felt that God was punishing me for my actions thus far and I was willing to stand in it.




This Book by Angie Boyd is split up into 24 chapters where she has communicated her life’s happening and some other tragic and distressful ordeals she faced as a child and I could associate with her words because a lot of children face it even today when we claim ourselves to be evolving and developing and they can’t even express because of their innocence and ignorance of the foul activities by some monsters in the society. I want to appreciate her courage of writing such a book when it is hard to even confess openly about something ghastly like this. The opening chapters were really difficult to read for me personally as I couldn’t keep my tears.
Life wasn’t easy for Angie when she had to shift with her Mom and Step-Dad who was a harsh and nasty person and kept some bitterness against her.
She has penned all the ups and downs in her life but she hasn’t made it a boring read at all. Thanks to the laughing elements she has placed so well in between.
Also, I loved the poem in Chapter 11 which was beautifully composed and that was a perfect pause from the story and into some thick thoughts.
She questions her father about his presence in her life when she needed him the most. All those questions shake my inner wall and were honestly painful.
I would thank her for taking this bold step of writing her hardships and striking a chord within the readers by her work.
Looking forward to reading her next book PUSHING FORWARD. “Make your decisions for you and no one else. At the end of it all, you must live with those decisions.”- Angie Boyd


5 star






Angie Boyd is a professional, working mother of 2 children by birth, 1 God-given, and additional loves from marriages. She is married, a disable Army 20+ year veteran, daughter, friend, mentor, (oldest) big sister to 12, cousin, neice, and granddaughter. She is passionate about healing hirts, past heart breaks, and trauma. ALthough being a Social worker was her calling after wanting to pursue music, God had other plans. She is a Program Executive Lead at a reputable contracting firm, and can now ad author, publisher to her credentials; accopmlishing a long-held dream.

Angie Boyd






What do you think is the right way to fight child abuse?  Share what you think about this book in the comments below! Happy Reading!


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