Title: Blur Havok | Paragon War

Author: Failus E. Washington

Genre: Action/Dystopian Fiction

Publication: Independently published

Length: 262 Pages (Paperback)

Source: Review Copy by Author


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In the year 2017, two factions battle for their own sense of peace. Humans and Synthetics; a race of organic mechanical beings of unknown origin. The skilled but irreverent and wisecracking Alastor Hacon leads Blur Havok, the paramilitary force that will do anything to ensure the safety of all in Valhalla. Ryze, a talented, vengeful, and powerful warrior leads The Synthetic Legion on a zealous campaign to free his fellow Synthetics from the chains of oppression.
After a crushing defeat at the hands of Ryze, Alastor must take a team of his closest allies down into a place known as The Vault, an underground bunker that holds many secrets of the past. With his two best friends and long-time crush, Alastor must stop Ryze from flipping the current power dynamic to an illogical extreme. Friendships will be tested, emotions will be revealed, and actions will have consequences…

Content Warning: “Blur Havok” contains intense language, graphic depictions of violence, and references to disturbing and distressing situations and dispositions. Reader discretion is advised.




The story involves a clash between the races of humans and synthetics. Alastor, Bria, Melonie, Ozzi belong to the human species and Alastor heads the team ‘Blur Havok’ to resist Ryze of the ‘Synthetics Legion’ who wants to avenge the Vallalah, and with his army of synthetics he is on a purpose to fight for all the injustices that the humans did to them, a battle for equal powers. Alastor fears that Ryze will spoil the stability and his war will create more mess but Alastor won’t let that happen to Vallalah. The book involves a lot of heroic combats and who will survive at the end is for you to find out. Is it for something personal that Ryze wants to fight down this battle or is it all for his people? GRAB THE BOOK NOW AND READ THIS ADVENTURE FOR YOURSELF.

There are emotions, friendships, crush, love, sacrifice, leadership, and of course fighting inside the book. And all this involves a hell lot of imaginative powers and you can enjoy the book to it’s fullest. I could feel like going back to those days of watching Power Rangers.


⚔ The best part of the book is the portrayal of the battle scenes with very minute details.

⚔ The author has kept the elements of Love and friendship and a bit of humour in between that made the reading interesting.

⚔ This book has illustrated well the equal participation of the women faction in the clashes. In fact, Bria was the one after Alastor who was capable enough to steer.

“You’ll win. You’ll get the thing you thought you wanted. And realize that it fixed nothing. Because you’re still empty inside. The reason you’re alive is gone.” I loved these lines for they explain the aftermath situation in the war so perfectly.

5 star






Failus Washington is an aspiring Science Fiction writer for both the silver screen and paperback. He has studied Film at Johnson C. Smith University, taking several English, screenwriting, film critique, and filmmaking classes. He began writing stories as a child and continuing to do so up until he decided that he wanted to pursue storytelling through many different mediums as a career.

Failus lives in Charlotte, North Carolina after living in Stone Mountain, Georgia for ten years prior to 2016, and various cities in Maryland for the first twelve years of his life. Failus has self-published his first book on Amazon in 2019 (Blur Havok: Paragon War) and is currently working on the second of the Blur Havok trilogy (Blur Havok 2) with the final entry in the trilogy, a standalone epilogue, and a companion novel. His quest to create a compelling self-insert will most likely be the death of him. When he’s not killing himself slaving over a hot laptop, Failus can be found in the gym, at the gun range, playing games on his custom-built PC, or playing with his dog Vetra.









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