Title::: Faery: The Tiend

Author: Igo Rab

Genre: Fantasy/ Magical adventure

Publication: Independently published

Length: 150 Pages (Kindle Edition)

Source: Review Copy by Author

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“Away with us to a faraway land, I will take you by the hand.
And by the hand you will come with me,
To all the terrible things you’ll see.”

The time of the Tiend is nigh and one must be chosen.
Milo’s dream of running off with Faeries has turned into a nightmare. When he followed Asrai to her world, he had hoped adventure and wonder. But he soon learns that there is something sinister behind his adventure. Finding himself between an age old ritual of sacrifice and a desire to save his new friends, Milo must decide what he must do to survive. Will he fight with his captors to destroy the evil that consumes the world of the Faery or will he turn and flee?


Milo is taken care of by his uncle Jon as his mother has to attend her father’s funeral. Milo never feels promising about his uncle because of his strange behaviour. While he is in his room, weird things happen. The sky begins to turn greenish, the environment gets frigid and some phrases start to appear on his room’s windowpane. A song. He goes near and discovers that a girl is standing at the other side of the window. Isn’t that scary? No. Because she is a Faery. Milo is drawn towards her.
But she takes away Milo along with her also harming his uncle in the process. This Faery doesn’t seem to be nice though. Why did she take him away and Where? Milo sees that the place he’s brought to has many more kids just like him. Why are they drawn there? Others seem to be really delighted and playing to the music of a soft song being splashed to mesmerise them. Milo isn’t drawn to the song. Does he have something unique that he is able to counter the hypnotizing lyrics?FAERY
Milo’s inquisitiveness about the place takes him towards the gloomy truth about the faery’s world. How does Milo react when he gets to know what will be done to the kids? Will he still keep up at the place? Or will Milo unite with the Faeries and help them circumvent the ritual of the tiend they have been obeying due to Mab, the queen of Unseelie court. Or will he miss the battle with a dreadful end?
Grab this fascinating tale and find out the entire world full of several different creatures like imps, goblins, hounds and more.
🌬I loved how the author sets the plot smoothly and has tried to create curiosity in the mind of the reader in the initial stage itself. You will be urged to turn the pages.
🌬I found the language very simplistic for fantasy and I liked that instead of using heavy and difficult words, the entire faery world has been created very beautifully.
🌬This is a truly delightful book for not just teenagers but even a grown-up can read it with equal excitement.

5 star



Igo Rab is a middle-grade Fantasy writer. Though currently based in Leicestershire, she was born and raised in the West of Ireland. Writing has been a passion of hers since a young age. The ability of imagination to take you to places without limits or restraints is a gift that she is grateful to have. She love to write and her dream would be to inspire others to pick up a pen and give it a try.

She is very approachable so please come find me on https://twitter.com/igo_rab or https://www.facebook.com/igo.rab.779205 to ask about the book or her plans for the series.






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