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Title: The Sunny Adventure: a story about true friendship (Animal World Book 1)

Author: Ira Alice

Genre: Children’s Book

Length: 36 Pages (Kindle Edition)

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Mother Fox asked her little daughter to go hunting and get some food for the very first time in her life. The little fox decided to catch the Sun since it looked very appetizing. Going in search of it, the girl had no idea she would meet a little toad Loudcroak who would become her faithful friend. This charming adventure story is filled with kindness, courage, and faith, teaching children how true friendship overcomes any obstacles.


The Sunny Adventure is a delightful story of a little Fox named Redkin and his Toad friend Loudcroak. It is about how the little daughter Redkin is asked by the mother Fox to get some food for the very first time and she discovers something appetizing but doesn’t understand how to reach it. On her journey to get the desired food, she finds this toad who becomes her trustworthy friend. They both set out on a task to acquire the unachievable and teaches a genuine message at the end for the reader. This book is all about Loyalty, Courage, Faith and Friendship.

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It’s about how the innocence of the child helps him in making friends so effortlessly. Something that adults pullback. The purity that makes you believe in yourself despite all odds. The innocence to achieve which is far away but you don’t feel for a moment that you can’t get that. That is what a child is all about and it is this integrity that let him learn things in life. This book will take you back to that very childhood while reading.
I was so drawn to the lovely and eye-catchy illustrations in the book. I just desired I could see the cute Redkin in reality. I feel the story is so adorable and the illustrations are so attractive that they should be made into a cartoon movie for kids.
I would recommend this book for all the kids, this is the book that you should give them as a gift. They will cherish it because I did in spite of the fact that I am no more a kid (by age but I’m by heart…hehe).


5 star



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Ira Alice is a children’s author. She is inspired by love of the natural world, transforming human features to animals, inbreathing them to make heroic feats, creating special situations for that. Her fairy tales are filled with warmth and goodness that teach moral life not only children but also adults.



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