Title: Originated Self (How to develop self-love and inner happiness)

Author: Shantinique James

Genre: Self-Help/ Personal Development

Length: 132 pages (Paperback)



It’s time to go on a journey of self-discovery. We are all in this together. As we venture on the path let’s view our life from the perspective of a story. BE AWARE: The path may be rocky because sometimes life can become such a confusing mess and cause stress. During this time we may lose the love for our self, happiness, direction, and all sense of hope. But don’t worry because as we continue the journey there will be help. What if we could view life through a different lens? And when we look through the lens it’s a life that we absolutely love! Shantinique, a former emotional mess understands the difficulties of developing self-love and inner happiness. Most importantly she understands how to conquer the negative thoughts and emotions that separate us from the love of self and happiness. By the end of Originated Self, you will understand the different parts of life that affect your “Self,” guidance on how to effectively change, and a new way of developing the life you want to live. 


Have you ever got on for a self-introspection? Have you ever felt that you’re missing out something inside? Maybe you haven’t uncovered your meaning on life yet and that often discourages you because you forever assumed huge about yourself during adolescence and when you grew up you haven’t yet done anything considerable as per your own outlooks. Or do you anyhow limit yourself because of what the other people say or guess about you and your potentials? OK. Have you ever eyed yourself in the mirror for 5 minutes and experienced that somebody is staring back at you and that is not you but someone else? Or have you ever experienced a deja vu? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then this is the book you need to pick up as your next read.
Originated Self by Shantinique James is all about how an individual can develop self-love and inner satisfaction. It is inspirational self-help which doesn’t talk about what wrongs you’ve been doing in life (like most self-helps do and that is sometimes depressing) but instead, it is totally based on her real brush with inner self and how she conquered the insecurities and the contraries that were gripping her back from securing her big plans. A precisely marvellous line inside her book says it all, ” We become our thoughts, so think great of yourself”.

originated self.jpg

I personally liked the book because I needed something inspirational at this moment in my life since I’m working towards my plans and also I am occasionally encircled by upsetting and pessimistic situations around me and the book talks about what to do when you’re in such a mood.
What I really loved was that Shantinique explained everything with examples that we can easily relate to and she took baby steps in explaining the stages of achieving inner happiness and self bliss, which will liberate your soul from everything that influences you now.
I would recommend everybody to read this book once for you will really feel optimistic and will get to learn where and how to start.

5 star





Shantinique James was born (1991) in Detroit, Michigan. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology while working on her Masters in Psychology. She has worked with companies in the medical field in her working life. In September 2016, she started her movement called “Nique’s Life Worth Living Movement” dedicated to helping people find their inner self to develop self love and happiness. Shantinique is the mother of two beautiful daughters Maliya and Ayla. She loves writing in order to express her thoughts and passions. She enjoys meditation and spending time with family.

Shantinique James







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