Magical realism that is a must read: Conduits The death of Jinx Jenkins by J.Ryan Sommers


Title: Conduits The death of Jinx Jenkins

Author: J. Ryan Sommers

Genre: Magical Realism/ Fiction

Length: 194 Pages (Kindle edition)

Ignored and marginalized, the people of Green Valley have fallen victim of the all-powerful BigCorp—a company bent on consuming and laying waste to everything the valley has to offer.
Fortunately, some citizens will stop at nothing to see their home return to its former glory. They will take new names, attack their inner-most demons, and in the process, show the world they have it in them to enact true change. They merely need to choose to do so.
If not, all will be lost, and America’s very soul will be stricken from existence.
Love the classic comic and magical realism? You’ll lose yourself in this piece of Americana.
Become a citizen of the City by the Shore and see how seemingly random occurrences come to shape an entire civilization.

🌬️”The most valuable thing a Hero has is its anonymity”

✨Conduits is a book series on magical realism.

Jinx Jenkins hangs himself for humanity. He chose between his neck and humanity and humanity won. But what for?

Does he want the people of Green valley to know something nasty going on? Yes, something is being cooked up for a long time.

Almost everything is being taken up slowly and steadily without people being made to realise they are losing it all. Big Corps was buying up everything. But what for?🤷

✨To make the people aware of it, why does the unluckiest man of the town roaming in worn-out condition, stinking the worst had to hang himself up?

✨Then there are fascinating stories of Crag and Grackle, The Knight hound and many more such people of the Green Valley that will keep on amazing you throughout.

I have been surprised at almost every page of the book by the expressive and engaging writing of the author.

✨The best part and the unusual one so far is that it talks about the common man of the Green Valley and the way their lives are described is praiseworthy👏

✨There is so much to appreciate about the book especially the way the author has woven the words. It has almost everything inside from fun, combats, little romance here and there, heroism and the biggest of all Why did Jinx Jenkins hang himself?

✨I would say this book is worth spending time on. I loved both the books especially the short stories in the first part was a nice setup to understand the Green Valley better.
Recommended. 💯

J. Ryan Sommers has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago. He and his wife recently left the Windy City and relocated in Houston, where Sommers teaches at San Jacinto College and continues to write.He has published stories in Zoetic Press, So to Speak, Helen Literary Magazine, Storyfile Magazine, Menda City Press, Silhouette Press, and The Paragon Review to mention a few. He also has an upcoming novella, ‘The Second City,’ coming out at the end of 2018.



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