An unbreakable family (The Family Tree Book 2) by Roberta Bombonato: Book Review



GENRE: Thriller/ Action/ Adventure

LENGTH: 305 Pages

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Marvin and Carmen’s marriage is fantastic. Giovanni, their son, is a lively boy who can hold his own against bullies. Akemi, their adopted daughter, is 18 and struggling to find herself. The past affects the present and the future in a big way.

How can she move forward without knowing the whole truth and trust the parents she has come to love?

Digging for answers alerts the other side and forces Marvin to come out of retirement.

Uniting against domestic terrorists might be better than therapy for:AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY



“As I pulled the blanket over us, I wished I’d dream of her as she dreamed of me”

After The Family tree Book 1 climax off, Marvin, Carmen, Akemi welcome Giovanni in their lives and are staying fairly good.

Akemi has turned 18, she is a grown-up girl. Not just that she has got some real knacks in fighting and hacking that Marvin tutors her.

But something has been disturbing Akemi and she senses that she hasn’t been confided with the entire truth about her past. Marvin, her dad has been keeping things from her.

So she is continuously spying on his laptop folders which are classified and she hacks his computer but rather lands all of them into a bigger mess.

an unbrekable family
Amongst all this episode, Jake who is the new tenant for their apartment turns out to be Akemi’s Knight in shinning Armor and Akemi his Damsel in distress

I so much liked the rush in the book where Marvin again comes out to be the promising man ever, protecting his daughter from the bad guys.

As natural, Roberta has some genuine skills of writing and conveying everything beautifully


I am the sort of bibliomaniac who wants to read more and more about what happened after the happy ending so I loved the 2nd book and the epilogue to the 3rd book has left me all the more inquisitive because Akemi’s best friend Paula is none other than the bad guy’s daughter who left some secret message for her 18th birthday. But what?

Can’t wait for the 3rd part

5 star




Roberta Bombonato has been hearing characters in her head since she was born, but only began writing down their stories since 2007. They can be a rowdy bunch and only leave her alone when the book is finished. She calls herself a basket-case, weaving stories with twisted pain and unconditional love.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Roberta moved to the United States at the age of 11 and became a U.S. Citizen. She currently resides in fabulous, sunny Florida with her disabled veteran husband, two loving dogs, Kent and Pup, one eccentric parrot, Apollo, and two Guinea pids to keep him company.

In 2009, she released her first book AN UNCONVENTIONAL FAMILY. It received an honorable mention is the 2009’s Hollywood Book Festival in the Wild Card category.

Aug 28th of 2019, she released her second book BLIND SYMPATHY.

There was a period of 10 years in which she was plagued with writer’s block. The Ketogenic diet has helped her get back in the game, stronger than ever. She even became a certified Keto and Fasting Coach through Dr. Berg. She helps clients lose weight and feel great, like she does. She documents her weight-loss journey on Instagram @nerdyketonian. Click here for more info.

Redemption is a common theme in her extremely different stories. There is something so beautiful about a very LARGE character arch. Triggers evoke such emotion and her characters find a way of concealing the hurt because vulnerability is weakness. The power lies in change.

Roberta vows to keep writing her character’s stories even if they don’t follow the regular formulas of the writing world. She believes that in order to do them justice, they will not be put inside a conventional box. This is where pushing the envelope will result in unpredictability.










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Happy Reading!


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