BOOK REVIEW- Shaina’s World: My Family and Autism



TITLE: Shaina’s World: My Family and Autism

AUTHOR: Sharice Rascoe

GENRE: Children’s Book

LENGTH: 110 Pages (Paperback)


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Shaina is the second-oldest of her three siblings. Being the only girl out of three boys is tough enough but the real challenge comes with two of her brothers having autism. As Shaina’s graduation nears, we experience the hardships, annoyances, and moments of joy that Shaina goes through as she tries to balance her home life, schoolwork, and friends. At 13, trying to find a sense of normality is even harder since she fears many people won’t understand her family or what she faces being a sister to siblings with special needs. She ultimately comes to understand that their differences may be worth celebrating after all.


🌬️”At the end of the day, I realize that it’s important to get support from those who go through the same things as you do and to stay connected to those who can help”

🌺Shaina’s World is an attractively jotted down by Sharice. It is based on real-life with fictitious characters. Shaina is a fine teenager who doesn’t ask for much from her parents and is of big aid to them when it comes to taking care of her brothers Daren, Jerold and Terry especially when two of them have autism.

🌺She thinks that her family can never have a regular life and it’s complicated for them to have a proper public life and not to draw attention.Shaina's World

🌺The book is all about Shaina and her feelings about her family and how she is about to graduate and is toiling with school and life at home.

🗨️I believe this book to be totally remarkable for children in the age group 8-12.
This will help them know that autism is not to be deemed trouble or disease.

🗨️It is a promising way to teach children that they need to be optimistic enough to face the realities of life and it’s natural to be different from others or to have an unusual family from others.

It will help them know that differences make them all the more interesting and it’s very overrated to be normal.

🗨️It will certainly teach that embracing what you have is important rather than feeling downward and ashamed about it.

🗨️I liked it because Shaina is a girl who is very true in what she feels and still she is understanding and supportive.

🗨️It can be enjoyed by anyone but highly recommended for youngsters as they need to read such books more and more.

5 star



Sharice Rascoe

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