A Book that entrepreneurs should read!

“Ditch the labels and go do it, for there’s only one you and what you can create is important”

Sometimes we are so full of ideas and innovations and we want to implement and build an empire out of it through which we can serve the needs of the customers. But, some hesitations and fears are surrounding us so many times that we end up dropping our very own ideas. And a startup never even starts!

If you have gone through those same feelings and situations I have talked above then you surely need to pick up this book that I have recently read.



👉Before beginning the review, I want to tell that this is a book that gave me so much quality and information not just about start-up but life in broad.

So the book has unravelled ‘not much discussed’ myths about the startup. Your startup is not you, which means if your startup dies, you do not die with it – one mighty myth clarified.

The book communicates in detail about some big mindset changes that Sandra went through and how we too can choose to rewrite ours.

‼️Then, there is evidence-based research to every teaching that the author gives and she illustrates them with the help of her own start-up ‘Seeker Health’ that she built, so everything is practical and real inside the book.

From an idea to bleeding for the startup & realizing the deep need in the market to connecting with the customers, the book talks about everything in between.

A very creatively written book meant for everyone who is a creator be it an entrepreneur, a writer or a movie maker.

Book has a section called ‘Too long, didn’t read’ which will give you an essence of every chapter in the end.

♨️It will not just enlighten you to come out of your fears of starting something new but will help you seek inner freedom and meaning in life. And the way it ends, not by a secret to a start-up but to life is remarkable.

💯I think everyone who is trying to learn and grow should read the book for sure!

“You’ve come too far, and it’s time to keep going.”

Do share your thoughts with us about the review in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


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