What is my recent action-packed read of 2020?

“Low and behold, Leah found exactly what she had anticipated: her old home, rundown and looted for all it could possibly be worth”

I was quite wary of reading action thriller when I was a new reader. I had not discovered this genre at all. But some of the books broke my fears and I started enjoying Action thriller books because I could imagine so vividly while reading them and they helped me sharpen my imaginative skills to a great extent.

One of the books I read last year was Blur Havok: Paragon War and this year I read the prequel to the book Blur Havok: Inciting Incident.

My review of the book will help you know a little about it before you pick it up as your next read. Let’s dive in!

Blur Havok: Inciting Incident

Blur Havok: Inciting Incident by [Failus Washington, Maurice Miller, Rachael Harbourne]

♨️This novella is about the Valhalla City which is under risk from the Synthetic Legion as they have proclaimed war on it. Despite Alastor’s considerable tries, he could not avoid the war from appearing.

🔱The book is a prequel to Blur Havok: Paragon War, where the race of human lead by Alastor Hacon clashes the Synthetics. Synthetics want to end the age of prejudice and are doubted to be plotting a rebellion. What emerges so outrageous that Ryze, leader of Synthetics announces a war?

Leah, who is one of the human race, battling the Synthetics has a hidden purpose of her own. She is on some real serious revenge.
But why?

‼️Since it’s a novella one can finish it in one sitting primarily because the story gets so intriguing as it goes along.

💠Failus E. Washington has enormous imaginative techniques and the detailing about each and every scene is worth reading.

💠I liked this quick prequel and mostly because I have read the Novel Blur Havok, I was all the more delighted to read as it made terrific revelations.

💠I admire that the story is knitted so well and every emotion and warfare is depicted in such a neat way.

I would suggest you read his books. They have some genuine actions.

❌Disclaimer: contains intense language, graphic depictions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Do share your thoughts with us about the review in the comments below.


Happy Reading!

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