Which motivational book to read in 2020?

Heart to Beat by Brian Lima

“Avoid the ABCDs of FAILURE: Accuse, Blame, Criticize, and Defer. It’s on YOU!”

When it comes to success and overcoming adevrsity, this book will turn out to be an account which is a wake up call to get up and work!!

This book very beautifully tells you:

Listen to the voice that keeps calling out to you if you listen for it. Deep down, you know you were meant for so much more.

Feel me when I say, this book has been hugely energizing throughout whenever I was knocked by anxieties. I would name it the most motivating book I have read in 2020. Especially when the times in the Corona Virus Lockdown are so stressful for everyone, this book will keep you highly motivated.

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So the book is the real anecdote of a boy whose family had to flee their home in Cuba because of Fidel Castro’s Oppressive communist regime and how he made his American Dream come true, testifying that success is not granted but earned by those with the greatest work ethic and the biggest heart.

The book begins and ends with a heart which is figurative and metaphysical both inside the book because Brian Lima is a heart surgeon who drives pickup trucks. Yes, you read it right! He calls this living “the Heart Way”. Listen to your Heart.

He talks about plentiful constructive things he learnt in life while he was toiling to establish himself and some of the wise words from him just struck me & I want to share them with you:

We may not necessarily have to look outward for sources of inspiration.

Our choices have consequences, and anything truly worth doing is not going to be easy.

To elevate your game, you must eliminate your doubt.

Life’s about to school you, so take full advantage of the free lesson.

Guess what’s your primary opposition- complacency.

And there are multiple other lessons to read up from Brian Lima’s journey of life. This book was different to me from other motivational books I have read because it didn’t tell something phenomenal that one needs to do to make it big but it just reminisced me of the things I have hesitated doing.

It was more like a wake-up call that I needed, and I sprang into action. The book compels you to leave passivity and reclaim your victorious life!

A book that I will highly recommend reading because it’s magnificently encouraging for anyone.




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Happy Reading!


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