Which Young Adult Fiction Novel to be read in 2020?

Sometimes, it’s better to not think about your problems. It’s good to feel clueless about this world.

Sometimes when you are too much occupied in life but your love for reading keeps calling you now and then, picking up light and calming book on an intense topic can feed your heart and mind together. One such book that I picked up by one of the authors whose writing always makes me feel at ease is what I will discuss with you in today’s post.

So the book that I picked up this month for a lighter than air read is “Silent Screams by Zachary Ryan.

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Silent Screams is fiction about 5 high school friends, precisely lunchtime buddies. They believe they know each other reasonably well until one of them committed a shooting at the school and kill 10 people.

They are all in the soup in their lives. Zachary and her theatre, Ben and his perfect image, Cass and her social standing based off of Jarele, Gabe and Lane just being social misfits. And the episode in school entirely devastates them. What chewed them up more was, someone from their own group did that.

Amounting to their remorse and trauma, everyone has been seeing Gabe even after he died in the shooting.

Lane who has yet not come out to the world loses his love Coelby in the shooting and now, he feels he is to be blamed since he knew about the shooting plans. But how?

Pick up the novel to know who amongst them did this abominable act and why?

I knew there were sharks ready to attack underneath me, but it felt relaxing to go along with the waves for now.


▪️ This is my fourth read by Zachary Ryan and I love his writing method because it is constantly very loosening for me to read his books though this one was serious. His choice of expressions is particularly fluent, flowy and fast.

▪️ The book talks about bullying, insecurities and coping up from trauma. It has expressed how bullying can take a disastrous form.

▪️ The emotional gush of every character is moving and palpable. I felt attached to Cass particularly because she was going through some big relationship dilemmas that so many of us often go through. Expressing those difficult emotions into a layman’s word is something Ryan is really good at.

▪️ The entirely hooking plotline with pressing and powerful topic to talk about.

▪️ Recommended to all those who love reading High School Dramas and Young Adult books.

Ending my review with some simple yet true lines from the book,

Not everyone is going to like you. You need to get over that habit right now.




Do share your thoughts with us about the review in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


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