How this Non-Fiction Philosophical book can ease your pain?

The moment I read the title, I thought it’s something haven’t heard of before and that intrigued me. So grabbing this book was a rational decision for me because it’s hell a lot of sensitive content I have ever consumed from a book in 2020.

Now, you must be wondering, what exactly is Shoebox Effect? Marcie J. Keithley explains in a very filtered manner in these passages of the book below.

👉The Shoebox effect describes plan members who pay for products or services rendered, then save the receipts for submission to the insurer for reimbursement when they have a claim. These receipts are often stored in a shoebox (or a similar container)

But they are never submitted because the insured either believes they don’t need them, forgets they have them, or the receipts don’t amount to enough to make them worth the effort.

But the shoebox effect applies to humans in another real way. You have experiences in your everyday life – good or bad. Tangible reminders can include items like ticket stubs to that first movie you saw with your high school boyfriend, or a picture from that special concert the two of you attended for the first time.

Whether you have an actual Shoebox or an emotional one that you reference from time to time, the shoebox effect is a reality.


“After all, we don’t take puppies from their mothers until they are at least six to eight weeks old – so why do we take an infant from its mother’s breast immediately after birth?”

An anecdote of the author and her life’s tragedies. When Marcie loses her pet dog, Dreyfus, she undergoes the shoebox effect in her grief-stricken condition.

She begins unlocking those boxes recounting some of her decisions in life & how she divorced at a very young age of 22. She was a single mother in 70s when unwed & single mothers were still ostracized

Being dumped at the time when she wanted her partner the most was painful for her. Abandoned by the baby’s father, lack of resources & society’s pressure, pushed her to give away her child for adoption.

The doctor assured that the child would be given a joyous life but separation with her baby broke her & she kept feeling she betrayed her baby since she couldn’t process her emotions.

Change took place when she reunites with the baby’s father years later & feels like searching for her given daughter. She finds her out but the reality hits her hard & she sees some brutal truths of adoption.

Marcie is impacted by it & decides to advocate for people like her.

She has been raising adoption rules change since then which is an emotionally charged & sensitive topic and has been covered by many media houses for her unique story of reunion

I honestly cherished the book for it gives you so much courage & makes you sentimental alongside. However it revolves around adoption in the latter part it cultivates valuable philosophies of life.

The troubles inside will bring tears as they got in mine but the lessons by the author conveyed as a Shoebox Sherpa are worth reading.

I will highly recommend this book because it’s worth giving your time.

️ A lesson that I drew from the book is,

“When you’ve tried everything to escape the past, but memories still haunt you in your dreams, there’s only one alternative. Face your pain!




Do share your thoughts with us about the review in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


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