What does Boons & Curses by Yugal Joshi tells you about Indian Mythology?

“But death has no emotion. It is inevitable.

And death does not die.”

Mythology has always been one of my choices when it comes to reading something light. And when you want to read something from an altogether different perspective or from the perspective of a character that had an important role to play in the mythology. So, I read one such book in the month of August and here’s my review of it!

Boons & Curses is a mythological fiction which is set up during the times when the Mahabharata war finished up and now Kunti is under guilt about all that occurred. She believes that had she told the truth about Karan and not used her sons to fulfil her choices, the war would have been prevented.

But she has Krishna to respond to all her concerns and suspicions about the remorse she holds inside.

Krishna narrates tales from the mythical past about how the world constructed and what role the women of the history had to play in it. How they shaped everything around them with their passions and aspirations

Sagas about Aditi, Diti, Sati, Kaikeyee, Sita, Draupadi, Yashoda, Sanjana, Anusuya, Soorpanakha, Mandodari and their emotions, revenge, motherhood, independence, the rebellion will astonish you.

The cover captivated me at the first place and then it was about the mythological women and legends told by their philosophy, so I honestly liked the efforts author has placed in researching well beforehand and chose to write about it

A lot of stories from the legends that I did not know about and this book told me.

Language is really modest to read and grab so anybody who loves reading mythology will like this book.

👉All in all, a good book to catch up with if retelling don’t bore you.



Do share your thoughts with us about the review in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


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