Why I loved this Historical Romance Fiction Novel by Malathi Ramachandran?

“Tonight I go to greet the moon

And welcome her new shining face

Ah! Double Joy! Thy eyes and mine

Fixed on one place”

I have been off from romantic stories for a long time because nothing was touching my heart & I was fed up by cliche stories but I am glad I read this book.

Here’s my review of this amazing book I have recently finished reading!

So, Mandu is a historical romance fiction set up in the capital of Malwa. Baz Bahadur, the music-loving Sultan of Malwa hits upon a young woman Roopmati singing at the banks of river Narmada & is smitten with her elegance & melodic voice.

Music unites them & he cannot suppress meeting her again. He has never felt such a union with someone who loves music as passionately as he does.

He wants to make Roopmati singing companion for the mehfils he organise in his royal palace. He wants her to accompany him to his palace. Roopmati sets a condition for that. But for Baz, there is something more he holds for her than just love for music & he accepts.

Unfortunately, the palace politics that cannot be held for granted turns out to be destructive for their love. Jana Begum, the conspirator tries to remove Roopmati from the palace. But why? And why does Adham Khan, the milk brother of Akbar wants to conquer Mandu?

Grab this delightful book & read through it to know it all.


The manner in which the book is written brings out passions at the forefront. It was such a charm reading phrases crafted inside to portray their love.

I felt each & every feeling inside the book coming to my heart & reflecting on my face while flipping through.

The tale is obviously different as I never learned of Roopmati and Baz Bahadur & from the book, I got to know that their folklores are sung in the region even today.

Emotions conveyed in a natural & satisfying tone & the story is still impressed in my mind.

👉 If you love browsing romance then this book is for you. You will like it. I did.



Do share your thoughts with us about the review in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


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