Do you want to know Mythology from another perspective? Read this!

Dream outlast the dreamer in the same way a creation survives a lot longer than the creator”

There are always two sides of a story and to understand what actually transpired we need to always learn about both the sides of the coin. The book that I am going to discuss with you in this blog post discuss about something similar. It is a retelling of the mythological tales but from another perspective of a character in mythology which has always been considered as the sign of beauty and distraction. Let’s hear about her voice this time.

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Mohini the Enchantress as we all know her is the female incarnation of Lord Vishnu but this book carries more about Mohini than just her glamour sagas.

An entirely diverse outlook to the stories that I have read or heard about the Devas and Asuras. I don’t think anybody would have said to me these stories had I not read this book.

The tales about how Shukra became the mentor for the Asuras and how Kavyamata, a strong-headed woman knowing her ways was eliminated by the Devas was the one I loved the most. Then there are tales about the Churning of Ocean milk where Mohini’s role is a well-known one.

🦋And the impactful story of Shastha, the child of two of the Trimurti, Shiva and Mohini who was cited to as unnatural because he belonged to the third gender.

The insight about how the scriptures have the mention of other genders too was something impressive to read and I appreciate the author for writing about it.

I was looking forth to this book since I have never read a detailed book composing Mohini just listened to some tales about her.
All the legends about the Devas & Asuras told from the perspective of Mohini, so you will listen to her mind more than her attractiveness in the book.

👉The book is penned beautifully only that if you’re new as a reader, the toughness of words may not keep you hooked up for too long but if you’re into reading for a big-time, you will like the tales provided that you are a mythology lover.

You can flip through the book because there’s always another interpretation to any story and we have the right to learn it.



Do share your thoughts with us about the review in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


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