If you love John Green & Nicholas Sparks books, then you need to read this book!

Sometimes some books leave a huge impact on your heart and you fall in love with them forever. You will always recommend those books to everyone around you because you have become so fond of that book. Today in this post I will be discussing one such book that I have fallen in love with. Every word of that book was a delight to read and I can’t thank the writer enough for writing such a beautiful book.

So without further adieu let’s begin with my views for the book!

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Okay! I want to confess that I adored this book so much & I am very sure that I can re-read it & cry the same amount of tears. It was a heartening story.

🦋Breathtaking is a coming-of-age literary fiction that is said in 3 different times i.e. 1988, 1994 & 2000. It has pulled its inspiration from real-life people.

Cara the protagonist is a literature enthusiast & penning is her way to put her essence on pages. Her parents have a problem in their marriage & her father comes home drunk each day. Her mother has obsessive compulsiveness & just excuses for Cara.

Her only constant is Adam Aether, the neighbour, who is always awake to listen to her stories for their nightly rituals.

😍Cara & Adam shared all their delightful memories of growing up together & going to high school. Adam became a famous sophomore & Cara enrolled in journalism classes.

Things happened as they happen in high school until one fine day Adam leaves Cara (I cried & cried while reading that😢)

Years pass but Cara still cannot come out of the pain of losing Adam. Adam’s parents endorse her education & she tries to live a regular life when she comes across Reid in her literature group and they both fit nicely together for their love for books & poetry connects them more.

👉Pick the book to find out the hidden past that Reid holds & what emerges when Cara unearths it. ( I can’t be a spoiler)

🙈The very first chapter pinches my heart when little Cara & Adam carve a wish together lying on the grass. There are so many instants that push me to keep the novel aside & slip in the emotions.

🌸The unique part of the book, are the poems & my favorite is ‘Pelican’ that Cara wrote for her relationship.

The entire book is effortless to grasp yet it has a thick & subtle effect on your soul while you read it.

The message it leaves you with is phenomenal.

🥺Highly Highly recommend this book !

Taking off with a sweet talk between Cara & Adam:

“What are the benefits of being an organ donor?”
“Well, you wouldn’t personally benefit because you would be dead”




Do share your thoughts with us about the review in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


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