Read this book if you want to be an achiever!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

When it comes to keeping yourself motivated to achieve your goals, there is nothing better than reading a motivational self-help book. So. in this blog post I have discussed one such book with you guys. Scroll down to know more about the book!!

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A self-help book for those who want to live from the inside out instead of outside in.

🔸The book consists of 10 chapters that will help you enrich yourself & learn some pointers to change the way you have been existing & be an achiever.

It truly will teach you how you can pat your talents if you don’t know what they’re and if you know then how can you succeed through them.

Ample anecdotes and quotes by great scholars of their times, the book is a highly nudging one & will make you speculate about your habits. One thing that it underlines is instead of running after big people stress on yourself because this is what great men do to earn big.


🔸The best part of the book was the tales of the real youths who are on the path of achievers and have been a part of Time with Young Achievers special programme. These people have uncovered themselves and are on their highway. These stories were really nice to read because Emilio is 19, Lotanna is 22, Derrick is 26, Stephanie is 24 and since they are young, I felt connected to them.

🔸The book enlightens about the ‘3D model’ of accomplishment, where Desire, Decision and Destiny plays a vital role.

🦋Also, I liked the way Destiny has been deciphered. Your future is certain, but whether you arrive there is up to you.

📖About the writing, it is very easy to absorb and includes a lot of other useful knowledge along with everything else.

Written with subsections so it does not become monotonous to read.

👉If you precisely want to know the secret of Achievers then this book is for you and you should definitely give it a read if you love self-help books or are in bad need to get some motivational non-fiction.




Do share your thoughts with us about the review in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


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