Thinking to read a Romance Novel by an Indian Author? Check this out!

When you are in your teens you generally end up doing things with your heart more often than your brain. Sometimes you gain so much and sometimes you end up creating a big mess for yourself and the worst of all when you end up hurting your sentiments. That is the worst that a person can go through in their teenage, an age when your hormonal balance is not staying by your side and the world seems like your enemy and you turn into a rebel for many around you especially your parents and sometimes even friends.

A book that I read recently is a story about one such boy who finds his true love in his teenage. True love because in teenagers your first love is your only true love. If it is, is verified in the later stage when you gain some maturity and can hold on to that true love or not.


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This is a real-life heartbreak story of the author who in his teenage s fell for a girl named Zoya whom he met online on Facebook.

Something hit his heart for Zoya and he developed intense emotions for her though he had never caught a glimpse of her or heard her voice even once. He felt a connection but on the opposite, Zoya was without any sentiments towards him in the onset since she already had a hurting romance before.

Life goes on and Anubhav tries all he can to get her love. Finally, Zoya admits her likeness for him. They move into a relationship where Anubhav’s only focus is Zoya but things in life never transpire the way you think they should.

Pick up the book to know what does Anubhav goes through in the end!


For me, the story was very cliché but since it was the author’s real-life story it had sentiments identical to what everyone suffers when they go through pain of separation. Reader would be able to connect with the feelings of the author is he/she has faced a heartbreak or a any kind of grief in love. The emotions were relatable and seemed real and not surreal.

The language of the book is a combination of both English and Hindi is used at some places in between. The writing style is very smooth and every next chapters connects well to the previous one so the reader doesn’t feel lost anywhere in between since the characters are also not too much and the style of writing is flowy.

Someone who is a newcomer in reading books and wishes to read some relationship novels by an Indian author can pick this up as the language is very easy.



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Happy Reading!

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