Do you love free books? Know about Amazon Prime Reading

Some books leave us free, some books make us free & some books are Free.

Well! who doesn’t love free books? I think we all do. And if you’re a reader who is looking for free books all the time, then this post is for you. Specifically, If you’re an Amazon Prime user and are oblivion to the fact that there exists a feature wherein you can switch to reading free books then continue reading further.

Amazon prime reading gives its user access to more than 1000 books, magazines & comics that you can read for free on your Kindle or Kindle Application installed on your Android or iOS but do not confuse it with Kindle Unlimited as they both are different altogether.

So when you subscribe to Amazon Prime one of its feature it shows is Amazon Prime Reading. You may see something like this:

Image result for Prime reading


All you need to do is if you’re already have an amazon prime subscription: Join the Prime reading by following the steps amazon wants you to take and after you’ve done that, this is what you will be able to see below the amazon prime books that are free for you now.

Amazon Launches Prime Reading - Free Kindle Books, Magazines and More » The  Wonder of Tech

Also, you can directly go for the books that are free for you from here on your kindle:

So, you can click on SEE ALL and get access to 1000s of books that are free for you to read.


Yes! There is a but here and you need to keep that in mind while you read books on Amazon prime reading. You can only get access to 10 books at a time at the most.

If you wish to get another book, then you will have to return a book that you’ve read already or you don’t wish to read any longer. After you return that book, you can now add another to your Kindle.


Some people might confuse it with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited but Amazon prime reading is totally different. What’s different?

  • Amazon Prime Reading is an additional feature that you get access to if you’re already a subscriber to Amazon Prime.
  • It has a limited number of books available to read for free whereas kindle unlimited has much more to offer. So they ain’t same.
  • Amazon Prime Reading gives you a limit of 10 books to read at a time whereas there is no such limit for Kindle unlimited.
  • For kindle unlimited you need to take the subscription separately. There is no such thing as an automatic subscription to Kindle Unlimited if you’re an Amazon Prime member. (I had this confusion initially which I wanted to make clear for all those reading this article!)

The good thing about prime reading is that new books keep on adding and the list is being increased by Amazon, so If you love reading books for free and has a Amazon Prime subscription then you need not be disheartened about the limited library as it is being expanded as per Amazon. So, enjoy your free amazon kindle books.

So, I Hope this article about Amazon Prime Reading helps you get a better understanding about Prime reading and you can avail this free service where you get access to some top-selling books, magazines & comics.

Which platform do you thing is best to get unlimited access to books at a minimal cost? Do let me know in the comments below!

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