About The Blog

This blog will help those who are avid readers or wish to take on reading as a habit, those who have a desire to read all (or some) of world’s good books before they die. It’s an effort to suggest some good books by my experience. Also my blog might contain other posts regarding the things I feel like sharing with my readers. So you may find things other than books as well sometimes.

I read all types and genres and like to review them here on the blog (except for adult, abuse or any other explicit content). My views of any book on the blog are exclusively my own and do not get influenced by any personal alignments or gains at all. I have a belief that ‘no book is the worst or the best book’ because I somewhere feel strongly about these lines:

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”               – Marcus Aurelius

Whatever reviews I have done for the book are what I have felt throughout my journey of reading that book. So they are genuine and right from the heart. 

Hope my views help you pick a life-enriching reading experience!

I am always open to hearing from you about any suggestions you want to give or any question you have. Feel free to contact.




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