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It takes time and efforts to write a Book but then you realise that your Book is not getting the attention you wanted it to have. Don’t feel heavy-hearted, there is always a way to everything and you’re absolutely on the right way because you will be able to show your Book some love by choosing the best of the Promotional methods we have, to help you get your Book some attention.





If you want to get your book reviewed and are searching for someone suitable who can give you honest feedback for your book in a fixed time period and does not sit with your book for long. STOP! You are at the right place. We can review your book at an individual level on all our platforms i.e. BLOG, INSTAGRAM, AMAZON, GOODREADS(or any other site you wish to mention)



The writing flow makes us engulf so much into the book and the story that we miss out grammatical errors we have made or the usage of words sometimes does not seem to be effective enough. Our love for our book makes us skip little mistakes. If you too face such a problem. Here we are at your service to help you provide a finishing touch to your book. Proof Reading will make your book glow a bit more in the eyes of the reader.

Proof Reading:

  • English 
  • Hindi




*If you want to Customize your Package, please mention in the Queries and we will look up to your expectations.


  • Authors/ Publishers must provide the review copies at least 25 days before.
  •  Copies must be made available in all formats: epub, mobi, PDF
  • Payment must be made in full before the date of the event.
  • Full material (like Media Kit, review copy of the Book, perfect quality image for the Book cover etc.) from the Author/ Publisher’s side must be provided at least 15 days before.
  • In the case of Reviews done by Books&Sstuff blog, we abide by our policy of being true and honest. (Kindly read the Books&Sstuff review policy)

Review Policy