Want an easy fix for a meaningful Life? Read this!

“Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside”

We all have our fair shares of problems in life. A life with no problems isn’t a reality, I guess. Sometimes overthinking makes the problem bigger in our head than in actuality. But how does one stop overthinking?

We all are looking for motivation and inspiration in our life and sometimes we want it daily because we feel hopeless about things daily. If this is happening with you too then you need a big change in your life. Yes, you heard me right! You need something massive to trigger your mind and ask it to not worry about the future and to stop living in the past. You need the book that I am going to talk about in this post today. Why do you need this book?

Because the best way to bring a change in your life is by reading books that can force you to think within and stick to it. Because that is how you survive, when you stick to things for a long time.

Without further delay let’s dive into the book review!

‘Finding Meaning in Life with the Bhagavad Gita’ has been written by Neena Majumdar, Nandini Morani & Saloni Jhaveri

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I finished reading it a few weeks back and it was the first book of the year that served me with contentment.

Beginning with the essence of how ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ was spoken by Krishna to Arjuna when he stood in crisis in the heart of the battleground. Arjuna felt he cannot slay his kith and kin but Lord Krishna reminisces him of his duty by reciting Gita.

This book is an endeavour, to sum up, The Gita and give you the essential soul of it in around 130 pages.

Finding Meaning in Life with The Bhagavad Gita

Written in a modest way it can be with gentle illustrations, it can be read in a sitting. I completed it in an hour or two and I am going to re-read this since It settled some of the doubts and uncertainties that often bother my mind in this dog eat dog world.

I think the reasonable way to quiet your mind and to lessen your anxieties is to pick this book, read in peace and you will get your clues. I got mine.

We all came out of a year that was filled with panics, anxieties, uncertainty and of course complete lockdown. So many of us must have handled worse. And this can be a book that can encourage you to come out of these negative beliefs. I consider Bhagavad Gita to be a classic self-help book and not just a spiritual one.

I would say this is the best book one can read in the first month of the year 2021.

So grab this amazing book for yourself this year.

Books are the best companions. They never complain and accept you the way you’re.

For more such book reviews keep visiting Books&Sstuff Blog.


Happy Reading!


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