Books & Stuff is such a diverse and well mapped out blog. New bloggers can really benefit from seeing how different each blog can be and your blog has variety, elegance and personality. I will definitely point newbies in your direction. – Stuart Simpson, Always Trust In Booksw13ChzSF_400x400



I like it, and I think all book lovers will enjoy it as well 🙂 Don’t give up, keep writing/reading, and be yourself! – Jess, Jessica C Writesjess



Books&Sstuff is fantastic, and there are so many helpful resources out there! Covering a lot of genres, some of my favorite posts include the themed recommendation posts, which are always very helpful! I think anyone who wants to expand their reading horizons should check Books&Sstuffout! Keep being awesome, obviously! You’re doing fantastic ❤                                                                                                                      –Vicky,VickyWhoReadsvicky pic



I love book blogs, Himani, since I’m a reader always looking for new and interesting stories. I’ve noticed that on Books&Stuffyou share reviews of an eclectic mix of books, many that I wouldn’t know about or pick up otherwise. I also enjoy the general posts about book themes, quotes, or the ways books have impacted you. Personally, I love it that you share some of your own writing. It makes for a fun and interesting blend of posts. Keep doing what you’re doing, and I happily encourage you to continue writing! Happy Reading and Writing to all your followers. Hugs! 

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 I am really glad to find your site. I think you cover almost every genre so it would benefit all the readers. Plus, I really lik your simple design 🙂

Just keep hard-working and keep rocking 🙂

-Simant Verma, Flipping Through the Pages

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