The Kingdom of Elephantine- FEBRUARY’S #WRITING PROMPT

Once upon a time, there was the 'Kingdom of Elephantine'. The King elephant and the Queen Elephanta were very unhappy because they did not have any baby Elephanty even after 10 years of their marriage. They went to every place they were told by the intellectuals of their kingdom and the Queen Elephanta did all … Continue reading The Kingdom of Elephantine- FEBRUARY’S #WRITING PROMPT


THIS IS IN RESPONSE TO THE DAILY PROMPT BY J.C. CAUTHON. THE TITLE FOR INSPIRATION WAS QUITE CATCHY TO EYES. Life was going well. I worked in a school teaching children, it gave me inner satisfaction when I quenched the curiosity of little minds who would one day write the future of the world. Its … Continue reading One More Day! #WRITING PROMPT