Life goes on but sometimes we are blown by horrendous shocks that it throws on our way. Sometimes a healthful person getting on the good is knocked by destructive diseases and a wonderful going life rolls into an awful dream overnight.

This book that I read recently talks about one such disease that shatters people not just from the outside but also from within.

But the huge sermon the book will acquaint you with gives you strength and aim.


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Cancer by Dr. Paul Anderson


Devastating. There’s no other word to describe the feeling when you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer. On any given day, you might rotate between feelings of disbelief, anger, and grief. You may even feel like you’ve lost control over your own life.

While your diagnosis might raise any number of negative feelings, here’s the good news: you don’t have to feel lost or confused. In Cancer: The Journey from Diagnosis to Empowerment, Dr. Paul Anderson clearly outlines what you can expect throughout your cancer journey. More importantly, he demonstrates how to cultivate a mental outlook that will help you reach your best outcome. When it comes to healing, mind does matter.

Drawing on decades of experience, Dr. Anderson offers practical advice to demystify the healing process, empower patients, and teach loved ones how to provide effective support.

Devastation is natural, but remember, your diagnosis isn’t the end. It’s a beginning.


“Cancer is a word, not a sentence”

We all know that diagnosing the most feared disease can be very tough, absorbing and demanding but what this book has to teach you is that there is hope.

Through this book, Dr Anderson has conveyed whatever he has accumulated through his many years of helping cancer patients and their loved ones.

More than the bodily pains of going through the journey of Cancer, this book speaks about the inner path of the patient and what shifts it brings in their quality of life.

For a better rationale of his suggestions, he uses two characters, Gia and Bob. Two distinct people, Gia who turned 57 a few days before being diagnosed with Cancer, a completely healthy woman until then & Bob has himself worked as a physician. Their reaction to their condition was contrary and startling.

Both of them introduces you to ‘to do’ and ‘not to do’. And the most crucial lesson it gives up is

“Yes, some people with cancer die but many live”

This is a book that I would suggest everyone read because although it’s about cancer and how to handle it as a patient or a dear one of somebody going through it, this will also enlighten you about life in general.

It is going to cultivate you on how our belief and our sanguinity can help us deal with a destructive disease like cancer. This will put you with a choice,

“You can be a victim of cancer or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset.”

I feel everyone need to read books like these especially if you care about yourself because the book itself says,

Self-care is not selfish.


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Happy Reading!

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