This Is Why Psychological Healing Through Creative Self-Understanding And Self-Transformation Book Is So Important today! BOOK REVIEW

Psychological Healing Through Creative Self-Understanding and Self-Transformation

 TITLE: Psychological Healing Through Creative Self-Understanding and Self-Transformation

AUTHOR: Dr Max Hammer, Dr Barry Hammer And Dr Alan C. Butler

GENRE: Self-help/ Personal development

LENGTH: 556 Pages (Paperback Edition)




This book focuses on the development of psychological self-understanding, healing psychologically painful inner conflicts, and the basis of psychological and spiritual fulfillment.

Readers will discover a new understanding of effective psychotherapy, groundbreaking diagnostic psychological testing research, and the distinction between the ego self-concept, the experiential self, and the trans personal self (the real self, the relational self, or the holistic self).

It also clarifies aspects of optimal psychological health, such as authenticity, sincerity, integrity, creativity, intuition, empathy, courage, strength of character, inspiration, unselfish love (or warmhearted caring), emotional security, inner wholeness, vitality, and fulfillment.

Principles of psychological healing and self-transformation can enhance the development of interpersonal relationships, as well as facilitate effective and fulfilling ways of living in society.

The authors deeply explored their own psychological pain and experiential truth to write this book, so readers can achieve greater self-understanding, fulfillment, and liberation from psychological pain.



“As long as one is devoted to the egoistic & irrational goal of absolutely affirming one’s identity, love is not possible”

🌀This psychological book has been co-authored by PhD Scholars Dr Barry J. Hammer and Dr Alan C. Butler. This makes it all the more significant to read for all those who are into psychology and it’s profound research.

🌀The book has quite intensely discussed the self-understanding of oneself and how driving out of human hardships that are an outcome of societal stress is vital for achieving self-consciousness.

🌀Adequately explained how essential it is to not prevent one’s psychological pain rather spontaneously converse that out. It’s important to be open-minded and relaxed, and out from preconceived ideas.

🌀I liked the most about the book is that it has illuminating research papers from suitable journals published before on the same.psychology

🌀It addresses in big details about hope which is hopeless and loneliness which is just a label. It talks about how humanity can be transformed by a shift from egoism to love.

🌀The book is too informational and useful in putting together one’s self-worth and evoke consciousness. The instances and citations used in the book have boosted good insight.

🌀It has widely wrapped several aspects around which our existences rotate like society, sentiments, meanings. It is the most expansive self-help and personal development book I have read so far.

🌀Recommended to everyone particularly those who have been probing psychology as a topic as it has been composed by the specialists themselves.


5 star



About the Authors:

Interview with Author - Max Hammer, Barry Hammer, and Alan C ...

Barry HAMMER | PhD, MTS, BA | history, religious studies ...


Dr. Max Hammer and Dr. Alan C. Butler are psychologists from Maine. Dr. Barry J. Hammer, also from Maine, has a specialization in the history of world religions, and for many years has studied the process of psychological and spiritual transformation, and its applicability to enhancing human relationships.

The primary author, the late Dr. Max Hammer, was the editor and a major contributor of two previously published books: The Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy with Specific Disorders (Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas Publisher, 1972); and The Practice of Psychotherapy with Children (Homewood, Illinois: Dorsey Press, 1967). Another book, soon to be published, is: Deepening Your Personal Relationships: Developing Emotional Intimacy and Good Communication (Strategic Books). He also published about 30 articles in the fields of psychotherapy and clinical psychology.






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